About Us

Our institute is a relatively young school with an updated teaching program that will go beyond any expectation.

About Us

Our instructors are all native Mexicans who have a long range of experience teaching Spanish classes as a second language to both adults and children.

They have worked for over twenty years with students from different parts of the world and have earned international recognition for their dedication, patience, hard word and enthusiasm as well as for their teaching methods.

They are all college and university graduates from different part of Mexico. Our group of teachers all comes from solid family backgrounds with strong morals and principles, and who are trustworthy, honest and with a strong work ethic.

We value your decision to come to Learn Spanish more about our country and our culture. So, come and experience with us a new way of learning gain not only a second language but also a wonderful cultural experience.

If you have interest in learning Spanish in other places like Spain, please visit Tandem Madrid's Website