Meeting Points When You Arrive to Ensenada

If you are traveling by car, we will meet you at the civic plaza, “Tres Cabezas.” (Blvd. Lázaro Cardenas or known as Blvd. Costero.) You will have to park your car and then walk over to the civic plaza. There you will be met by your teacher or the family hostess. If you are arriving to Ensenada by bus, you will be met at the bus depot (Autobuses ABC) which is located on Riveroll Street between 10th and 11th streets. You will be met by your teacher or the family hostess. When you pre register and specify your date of arrival in Ensenada, please include how we can recognize you that day.

Important notes to consider: When parking your car please remember to not park in yellow, green, blue, red or gray zones. In case that you arrive earlier than scheduled please do not leave the civic plaza or the central bus station. When you pre-register we will send you an emergency phone number that you can dial once you are in Ensenada.

The Civic Plaza "Tres Cabezas"

The Civic Plaza Tres Cabezas

This civic plaza is a renowned site here in Ensenada and that is why Pacific Spanish Institute has chosen this location at the meeting point. The civic plaza is not only a popular site within the city but it is also very safe and very easy to locate. When you arrive to Ensenada you will be met by one of our instructors or by a host family member, both of which are trustworthy persons who are committed to the vision of Pacific Spanish Institute.